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In order to refund your purchase we need to know as much information as possible. The more information you can provide the quicker this will be.

Simply fill out this form and click submit.

Also, as part of our refund policy, you'll need to remove any copy of The Invoicer you may have, including those in use and those you have stored on/in backups.

If your license has been transferred or re-assigned to another party then you are no longer eligible for a refund unless you can reclaim and remove the software from operation. The new party, however, may be eligible if it is within 60 days from the original purchase and the original purchaser can be identified.

If you have any questions about this refund request please contact our support department.

You're on the honor system here, so be honest. Help us keep this software strong. We will dilligently protect our copyrights in all arenas.

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By submitting this refund request you hereby represent that the information contained here-in is true to the best of your knowledge and agree to remove all copies of The Invoicer that are associated with this license information. This includes those installed on a live system regardless of who's control it is under, those that are stored in backups, either your own or stored by another entity and those that are on any computer system or network under your control.


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